On The Rise: @byseaggs

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the most recent On the Rise designer, @byseaggs. Seaggs is a California based designer who began his journey into this world in 2016. Inspired by old-school cartoons and anime, his designs have continued to impress me and many others. Within a few months, he has gained a large following on Instagram and has even designed shoes for Kylie Jenner. I reached out to Seaggs for an interview earlier this week, and he was more than happy to answer some questions. Check out our full interview below and be on the lookout for more designs from Seaggs in the future!

Where are you from?

“I’m from Huntington Beach, CA.”

How would you describe your style?

“I don’t really know to describe how I dress. I wear a lot vintage tees i get from eBay. I have a lot of old Mizuno volleyball shorts from my youngin’ days, I got some sick sweat shorts with sushi scattered everywhere. I have an unhealthy amount of dad hats. My closet is pretty random, a lot of thrift store and nordstrom rack stuff. Either I can’t afford clothes I like or I can’t find anything worth buying, so I slowly started to make things I would wear and my collection grew from there.”

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Can you explain your background in design and how/when you started?

“This embroidery/fashion stuff kinda started on accident. I had a gift idea for my friend’s birthday; I bought a jacket and went to my aunt to help embroider it. I kept going back to her for shirt and hat projects and she eventually said if this interests you so much why not get your own machine? So I did. On December 26th, 2016. And I’ve been practicing ever since. I used to watch a lot of anime as a kid and I think that influences some of my designs; old school cartoon network, Naruto, DBZ, Gamecube days, nostalgic stuff. The fashion aspect is kind of a mystery to me. My friend asked me to make some mockup designs for a ‘brand’ he wanted to start called BlvckGvcci. Yea, absolutely nothing illegal about that, but I was game and got to learn a little more about adobe illustrator. From there, I just doodle with my little drawing tablet.”

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

“Okay first, for sure Piet Parra. I like how he creates a world with his simple bird-like people. His style is very distinguishable and reminds me of pop art, which I personally dig. Second, Warren Lotas. This hell of a Don right here has the game figured out. This dude portrays his skeleton figures like I’ve never seen, crazy detail. No chance I’ll be getting some of his merch soon though, his shirts can cost a pretty penny; but I support that Don none the less. Third, I recently only discovered Advisory Board Crystals (Abc.) and I am blown away at the thought and care these people put into every piece of their clothing. Some of the their jacket pockets are lined with some fabric to stop EMF rays. They infuse their dyes with actual crystals and state that garment of clothing can heighten some senses; that could be utter bologna but it adds to brand image and that’s hella smart. I heavily fuck with Abc.: their tye dye game, graphic tee game, their clothes always tell a story or promote awareness to something they care about, 10/10 brand.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m still in college and doing my best to add to Seaggs and to keep pumping out new fuego shit. I understand businesses take time and patience is SO important; right now, I’m just going to keep doing me. Don’t get me wrong, I fight with myself about doing things I want to do vs. what other ppl on the gram would like to see. I’ve made knock off Nike and Gucci and Supreme stuff, and that stuffs cool. But for me it has no direction, it’s not “mine.” And that’s really what I’m trying to do, putting my creative results out there because I believe they’re worth seeing.”

Don’t forget to follow Seaggs on Instagram to keep up with his latest designs! If you’re interested in purchasing a piece (or 12) by Seaggs, hop on over to byseaggs.com .


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