On The Rise: Kiwi

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.04.23 AM.png

It’s time to introduce you guys to the next featured On The Rise Artist. He goes by the name of Kiwi, and he’s from California. I came across his music this past week on my Instagram feed and felt that he deserved a spot on the site. His style is smooth and fun, and he definitely has a unique sound. Keep an eye out for Kiwi in 2018 because he is about to put his name on the map. Check out our interview below!


Where Are You From?

“I’m from Rialto, California.”


How Would You Describe Your Style?

“I describe my style as metallic, fun, kinda smooth.”




Who Are Your Biggest Musical Influences?

“My biggest musical influences are Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Drake, some newer artists like Lil Herb, Trippy Redd, Famous Dex, Rich The Kid. It’s a mixture of sound that’s how I think I keep coming up with new ones mostly every song or if you listen to sum of my first few songs like World or G shit its a total different sound then any other song I made but I’m kind of all around.”


What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My plans for the future are to get my family out of here. Thats first. Second is to brand myself more as an artist and also other things but mostly an artist. i wann be one of the best out of my city because theres not really nobody from the IE that scratched the surface on the music industry in a major way like tv and all that because of big city’s and county’s like LA County, the bay area places like that and I feel like I got it. People tell me I can be next and they think I’m next but I know I’m next & can put us on the map PERIOD!”



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