On The Rise: E.Diamondz



This weeks On The Rise artist is from Dallas, Texas. Erin Brown, AKA E.Diamondz is only 15 years old, and he’s been able to gain a massive following on social media racking in 16,000+ followers. How does he do it? E.Diamondz is a rap activist and has a very unique delivery. I came across his music on Instagram and felt it was only right to reach out to him for an interview. To learn more about his music and his plans for the future, read our interview below!


Where Are You From?

“I’m From Dallas, Texas.”

How Would You Describe Your Style?

“My style could be described as civil rap, an activist and a voice of the speechless using a pop-ish/trap/melodic style to convey a message.”


Who Are Your Biggest Musical Influences?

“My biggest influences are Trinidad James, Sia, Travis Scott, Sam Smith, Gucci Mane, Mo3, and ShySpeaks.”

What Inspired You To Start Rapping?

“In 2013 my science teacher gave us a project about geothermal energy to present to the class, and the best project received $50. So I made a song remixing Trinidad James “All gold everything” and presented it to the class. I won the competition and from that day, I discovered a passion for music.”

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My future plans are to not have to work a job and build a brand in which I can help upcoming artists do the same and be able to provide for their families.”


Check out some of E.Diamondz recent music below!





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