On the Rise: Lil Nick


Its about that time for another On The Rise artist to be featured on MIKE TV. And this one is well deserved. Lil Nick has been singing since the age of 5, and has made a name for himself on social media attracting thousands of listeners with his beautiful voice.

Scroll down to check out my interview with Lil Nick to learn more about his style and his plans for the future.

Where Are You From?

“I’m from Houston, Texas. Briargate to be exact.”

How Would You Describe Your Style?

“I would describe my style as being unique because it’s not to many people in my era singing r&b everybody just wanna rap.”

Who Is Your Biggest Musical Influence?

“My biggest influence in music is drake because he knows what he wants he has a unique style and he’s versatile My parents inspired me to start singing I been singing since I was 5 and I just been going from there.”

What Inspired You To Start Singing For An Audience?

“I decided singing was what I wanted to do when I start posting my music on social media and I got a lot of great feedback within seconds that’s when I knew I really could make it with singing.”

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My plans for the future are to get better in my craft keep good first and hopefully I get signed and things fall into place as planned but I’m trusting God though.”

Click Here to download Lil Nicks mixtape, “Netflix X Chill.”




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