On The Rise: Tino Guwop

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It’s time again to introduce you to another On The Rise artist. This weeks On The Rise artist is Tino Guwop out of Elgin, Illinois. Tino has continued to rack up thousands of views on Soundcloud and is planning to release his debut project “Tinos Trippy Trials & Tribulations” this month.

I reached out to Tino for an interview to learn more about his endeavors which you can see below!

Where Are You From?

“I am from Elgin, Illinois a town about 30 miles away from Chicago.”

Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

“My two biggest influences are Eminem and Mac Miller due to their ethnicity and the struggles the went through being white rappers.”

How Would You Describe Your Style?

“My style is very versatile, whatever my mood and vibe is at the moment is what I’ll write, I can make some straight bangers but I can also make sad love songs and do everything in between.”

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My plans for the future is to ultimately make is somewhere with music, whether it’s be on the big stage or helping someone get there I want to do it. Life wouldn’t be life without music so my career has to be music based.”

Where Can Your Music Be Found?

“You can follow my music by following my Soundcloud “Tino Guwop” when I drop My debut mixtape and release further projects you will be able to find them on Apple Music, Spotify, and will try for Spinrilla.” 

To make it easier on everyone, I have provided links to all of Tino’s music below. Make sure to be on the lookout for Tino while you’re streaming new music, because this is only the start for him.






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