On the Rise: Sxmbv


Twitter is home to so many talent artists. This weeks On The Rise artist is Sxmbv from Miami, Florida. He is known for his versatility and his aggressive flow patterns over underground hip-hop instrumentals. I really vibe with the songs I have heard so far and figured it was time for an interview to help spread the word about Sxmbv.

Check out our interview below!

Where Are You From?

“I was born in Miami, FL but I’m from Nicaraguan descent.”

How Would You Describe Your Sound/Style?

“Im a backpack artist while being versatile as well. Lyrically aggressive rap over modern underground beats.”


Who Are Your Biggest Musical Influences?

“Joe Budden, Ab Soul, Eminem, Nas”

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My plans for the future are to release my new project on the 30th of October, shoot more music videos and grow my fan base.”


Where Can Everyone Find Your Music?

“Everyone can find my music on Soundcloud by searching “Sxmbv” or you can stream my single on all streaming services by searching “Sxmbv”.”

I’ve made it easier for everyone by providing links to Sxmbv’s music below! Make sure you take some time today to listen to this mans music because he is incredibly talented, and he has a unique sound. Be on the look out for Sxmbv because he is on the rise.





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