Study Shows How People Remember the World’s Most Famous Logos

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According to a study put on by Signs, a group of 156 individuals ranging from 20 to 70-years-old were tested on their memory skills using some of the world’s most famous and iconic logos. Put to the test were 10 of the most popular brands ranging from Appleadidas7-11StarbucksIKEA and more. Dubbed “Branded in Memory,” the experiment displayed the accuracy of the resulting drawings on easily digestible graphs, with some rather surprising results.

Though the logos themselves have evolved over the years, the results show that around 80% of the test subjects were able to remember the color of the brand logo, but were a bit fuzzy on the shape. Of the 10 brands tested, IKEA’s logo was most accurately drawn by the participants, while little details in the other logos tended to throw them off. Check out some of the results above, and head over to for the full results of the study.


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