On the Rise: Keyze


Earlier this week, another artist caught my eye. His name is Keyze AriZonaa. It amazes me the number of talented artists that are out there that never get a chance to be heard. However, thanks to social media, I am able to find these artists and give them a chance to tell their story. Check out our interview below!

Where Are You From?

“I’m from South Bend, Indiana where Notre Dame is located, but I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana when I was 15 years old.”


Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

“My biggest influences are Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. As a kid I knew every word to Food and Liquor.”


How Would You Describe Your Style?

“I would describe my style as very versatile I can make anything from rap to pop. But don’t let the pop fool you, I got bars for anyone’s head too.”


What Are Your Plans For The Future?

“My plans for future…I wanna be the greatest to ever do it hands down but if I can’t accomplish that I just wanna make a living off the music.”


You can listen to more of Keyze below. I definitely recommend giving him a chance because he has big plans for the future and his versatility is what the rap game needs.






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