My Favorite Post Malone Acoustic Covers


Post Malone may be top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 with  trap anthems such as “Congratulations” and “Rockstar,” but the rapper has also made recent headlines for covering ‘90s rock staples from Nirvana and Green Day in live concert. Post Malone can also be seen on YouTube as Austin Post singing Bob Dylan classics.

Post Malone continues to display his versatility and I am becoming a bigger fan every day.

If you want to see what I’m talking about… My favorite acoustic covers of his are below.

Nirvana- “All Apologies” (Live)

Kanye West- “Heartless” (Live)

Frank Sinatra- “Fly Me To The Moon”


Bon Jovi- “Wanted Dead Or Alive”


Green Day- “Basketcase” (Live)



Bob Dylan- “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” 


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