On The Rise: Indigo Jade


Earlier this week I was scrolling aimlessly through my Twitter feed when I came across a very artistic music video with a tune that sounded so unique (watch below).

Fortunately, because of Twitter, I was able to get an interview with this artist, who goes by the name “Indigo Jade.” Read my one-on-one interview below to learn a little bit more about Indigo Jade and his plans for the future.

How Would You Describe Your Music/Style?

“My music is kind of in describable . I go back and forth from making my own beats to using friends and other producers. I don’t have a specific style but that within itself is a style. If I had to compare myself, I’d say my sound bounces around from having a death grips sound to a SuicideBoys sound to a Mac Miller meets Mick Jenkins and MNDSGN sound .”

Listen To His Music Here

Who Is Your Biggest Musical Influence?

“My biggest influence and only influence is really Leonardo de Vinci. Of course I see myself in certain artists like Kanye West , William Ezby , Basquiat and Jimi Hendrix but not influencing my music or my art.”

Where Are You From?

“Im from Cleveland, OH but I like to say I’m from The Hidden Hills, CA. Only because I’m such an exclusive person and I happen to have anxiety so though I make stuff for the public, I’m really not good in the public eye. That’s why when ever any one sees me performing or in an interview I either have shades on or a scarf over my face.”


What Are Your Plans For The Coming Future?

“I guess I’ll say this now, my next move is to release my third issue of Los+ Letters Mag on and complete an album with a member of my group Archaic Mobb. Then tour in October with Mourning A Blk Star. I’m also working a Jewelry Collection for Winter/Spring 2018 and a Short Film 

This man is making big moves in the scene, so keep your eye out for his name in the near future!


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