Apple Is Preparing to Change the Way You Use the iPhone 8


The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is well on its way for a rumored September 12 unveiling, and it is expected to be missing one key feature: The home button.

From the many leaks and rumors that have come up in the past months, Apple has revamped the new iPhone with an all-glass bezel-free design. But what does this mean for future users that have come so acquainted with the home screen button? According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman:

“Across the bottom of the screen there’s a thin, software bar in lieu of the home button. A user can drag it up to the middle of the screen to open the phone. When inside an app, a similar gesture starts multitasking. From here, users can continue to flick upwards to close the app and go back to the home screen. An animation in testing sucks the app back into its icon.”

The home button hasn’t changed much since the iPhone launched back in 2007, so both current and new users may need some time getting used to it. Get a clear look on how Apple will change the way we use iPhones from the video above and the photo below.



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