Nike Faces A Serious “Brand Problem” With Jordan Brand


The Nike Jordan Brand once used to be at the top of the ladder, with demand for new releases hitting the roof and selling out instantly. However it has been revealed by Morgan Stanley analysts that Jordan’s performance is “much worse than expected. The risk is this is a sign Nike has the previously unthinkable ‘brand problem’ with its Jordan brand.”

In an industry where low-top sneakers are being more favoured than basketball sneakers, Foot Locker CEO Dick Johnson said “the sell-throughs of certain Jordan models slowed considerably compared to historical rates” in North America. As a result, Nike Sportswear have sought to introduce more styles to the Jordan models as well as re-release vintage models in the hopes to drive sales in the long-run. Indeed, it has been announced that the “History of Flight” series on the Air Jordan 7 and the Air Jordan 2 “Melo” are both making a return in 2018 after almost 14 years of its initial release.


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