Drake Gives a Tour of His New Downtown Toronto Home

Despite his eight-year Billboard Hot 100 streak coming to end earlier this week, Drake has many things to look forward to this year, including the completion of his illustrious new mansion in Toronto that will house a basketball court, jersey museum, luxury pool, bar area, lower level spa, awards room, snack lounge, piano room, and a security suite.

While he’s waiting for his dream crib to be completed, Drizzy has been staying in a temporary downtown Toronto flat that’s just as impressive. Decked with stylish furniture and panoramic views of the city including a birds-eye view of the infamous CN Tower, the OVO frontman took to Instagram last night to give fans a little tour of his temporary digs saying:

You know, sometimes when you’re out here on the road, you just forget like the importance of having a home. I just came home to a temporary spot until my house is built, but it’s still my home for now and I’m very inspired, very excited, you know? This just has me ready, ready to work.

Peep Drizzy’s “temporary” crib below.


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