Lollapalooza Day 3 Recap: Chance the Rapper thrills humongous hometown crowd

Each year more than 100 acts play Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park, but in the collective consciousnesses, the enduring memory of each installment largely boils down to a single act, from Daft Punk’s rare set, to Lady Gaga’s headlining show (and surprise side stage cameo).

For 2017, the one they’ll remember is Chance the Rapper, Chicago’s most celebrated artist in years, for good reason.

Finding a massive audience as an independent artist, with free music on streaming sites, Chance the Rapper defied the industry and broke the mold. With his charitable causes — including a $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools this year — he’s transcended superstar artist and essentially become an ambassador for the city.

On Saturday, he had his biggest hometown show of his career, and possibly the biggest audience in Lollapalooza history.

A big moment needed a big entrance, and Chance didn’t disappoint Saturday night, riding across the stage on a motorbike, hoping off and letting it skid out of sight in an explosion of fireworks.

Take a look at some photos I took myself as the crowd became what it was; sum 80,000 people! I sat back away from the crowd with my lovely girlfriend and took it all in!



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