Unreleased Michael Jackson Album Up For Auction

In the time since Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, fans haven’t been gifted with an extensive catalog of his unreleased gems.


Other than the releases of Michael and Xscape, his music has been dry for someone who was notorious for the exhaustive amount of time he spent in a studio. Which is why many people question where his unreleased recordings are and when they will be released. I have some good news.

July 19th, the drought will end for someone lucky enough as a collection of rare and mostly unheard tracks from the late King of Pop will go up for auction as part of Gotta Have Rock and Roll’s latest.

According to the auction house, the disc with a handwritten “Bible” across it, consists of 12 “master quality” tracks.


According to the track listing , the first four track’s “Monster,” “Breaking News,” “Stay,” and “Keep Your Head Up” seem to be the same cuts from 2010’s Michael, while the remaining eight are allegedly unheard.

The auction will last until July 28th with the lowest bid starting at $50,000.

I’d buy it if I could. RIP MICHAEL.

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at 50


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