Chano To The Rescue

Due to speculation from recent tweets, it appears that Chance The Rapper may have just saved Soundcloud.


Early morning yesterday the internet was broken. News was spreading rapidly that SoundCloud was running out of money, employees, and the necessary resources to stay afloat. However, many artists who made their debut on SoundCloud took it to Twitter to talk about the impact SoundCloud has had on so many aspiring artists, including Chance himself. While nearly all of the industry insiders were calling the death of Soundcloud, the site quietly released a statement clarifying that they were funded through Q4, and the popularized “50 day” statistic was a load of bullshit ass fake news.

However, this didn’t stop many people from already calling time of death, possibly leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. And then, like an angel in the night, Chance appeared…





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