Playboi Carti Drops Psychadelic Music Video for “Magnolia”


We’ve all been waiting for Carti to drop a video for Magnolia. Although this video wasn’t as highly anticipated as I would have thought, I was jacked when I woke up from my nap after smoking a few bowls and not sleeping the night before to find a link to this video. Lets just say, I didn’t need coffee after I woke up. If you are not familiar with this song already, you’ve probably heard it drunk at a bar or on the radio, “Yo Pierre You Wanna Come out Here?”

I am happy as I’m sure you will be now that there’s a video complement to the track that has fans around the world turning up every time it comes on. In this video, filmed in New York City, you will notice Playboi Carti joined by some of the producers and influencers behind this song, A$AP Rocky, known for his trippy, “LSD?, video. Also, you will quickly notice 2017 XXL Freshman, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and other members of A$AP MOB.



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