Kanye is Healthy and Ready to be on Stage


Kanye is likely to make a return in early 2018 according to brand new reports. It appears Kanye has been in communication with Live Nation to discuss the return of the Saint Pablo Tour sometime in early 2018 that will feature an upgraded floating stage with new “various effects,” According to Kanye himself.


At this moment in time, the two sides are supposedly “just waiting for Kanye West to give the green light.” The Saint Pablo Tour originally began last August but ended abruptly on November 19, 2016 after Yeezy was suffering from what professionals diagnosed as “temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.” I am happy Kanye took control of this and is feeling ready to return back to the infamous Saint Pablo tour. Music is important, but good health is vital. Balance is key. Kanye was eventually discharged from the hospital a couple weeks later and appears to be putting in a lot of work on Pusha T’s new album over the past few months. Follow my blog for updates on Kanye’s big return.




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