I don’t usually get pissed, but when I do, Matt Ox sucks.

I’m apologize for the slander that’s about to happen below.

Meet Matt Ox, the Kid Rapper Who Loves Fat Stacks and Fidget Spinners.


So today I was swiping up through my Twitter feed when I came across what I thought was some kind of prank. A rapper named “MATT OX.” As I continued to Google this little boys name I came to conclude that this generation of underground hip-hop has lost their fricken minds. 
I’m simply confused as to how someone with such little talent has convinced such a large audience that his music is something worth listening to.

I want an answer as to when this nonsense will stop, when people will start seeing these rappers for what they are: mumble rappers with good trap beats.

I advise you to not fall into this trap, but instead fall into the trap of MIKE TV. You can listen to my music by following the link below. It’s time for some uniqueness to dive into the underground scene, and below you will find that.

Listen Here–> My SoundCloud or….

Listen Here –> Dru Stylez- Alright (Prod. Tmade x Mike TV)




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